Certificate Rates

Whether you're shopping for your first home, saving for retirement, looking for an affordable credit card or refinancing a vehicle, Integrity FCU offers our members competitive rates to help you meet your financial needs.

Share & IRA Certificate Rates

The minimum opening deposit on a certificate is $1,000.00 with the exception of a $500.00 opening deposit on a custodial account. Six month term is not available for an IRA Certificate.

6 Month Term .35% with an APY of .351%*
12 Month Term .40% with an APY of .401%*
18 Month Term .45% with an APY of .451%*
24 Month Term .85% with an APY of .853%*
36 Month Term 1.05% with an APY of 1.055%*
48 Month Term

1.12% with an APY of 1.126%

60 Month Term

1.20% with an APY of 1.207%*

*APY=Annual Percentage Yield. Dividend rates may change at any time without notice.